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New Product Alert: SNRG Block System

Exciting News! Introducing the SNRG Block™ System by AnalytiChem

Sample preparation is one of the most significant sources of error in any laboratory analysis. Precise sample preparation is, therefore, essential to ensure that samples are in the ideal form to achieve the highest analytical accuracy. With the new SNRG Block ™ by AnalytiChem, users can truly optimize their sample digestion process, as well as their lab workspace. In fact, the SNRG Block reimagines how a digestion block can fit into your laboratory workflow by delivering unmatched flexibility to drive synergy in your process.

SNRG_2_LabThe SNRG Block was designed to deliver a powerful combination of essential temperature uniformity and valuable system flexibility. In your lab, that means that a single system can be rapidly updated to accommodate up to three different tube sizes without ever taking the block out of service. Your lab won’t be forced to waste valuable time or use a suboptimal tube size because of the limitations of previously available digestion equipment.

The SNRG Block is ideal for acid digestion of environmental, mining and material samples, and is suitable for many common methods with heating up to 240°C that are used during metals digestion prep. Available in two system sizes, the SNRG Block is equipped with a built-in touchscreen controller that can be used for programming multi-step methods and live tracking digestion progress.

The SNRG Block has many features that enable your lab to optimize its sample prep workflow:

  • The SNRG Block is equipped with removable inserts, ideal for uniform heat transfer, and available with sample wells for 15 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml sample tubes.
  • Lab space utilization is maximized because the controller can be mounted on a magnetic surface or placed on the bench with the low-profile kick stand.
  • Scalable capacity is enabled. System 1 can accommodate 12-48 samples and System 2 can accommodate 24-96 samples.
  • The SNRG Block complies with the requirements of many standard methods including EPA 3010a, 3020b, 3050b, and 3060 for solid waste and EPA 200.2, 200.7, 200.8, 200.9, 245.1, 365.1 for water.

The SNRG Block can be the next step in optimizing your lab’s performance because it allows you to avoid early errors, delivers the precision you need, increases flexibility in your workflow and enables more efficient use of precious resources. In short, the SNRG Block can be your essential sample preparation tool.

Learn more about the new SNRG Block here.

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